Holiday day 1: The heights of Abraham! 


Some of you know that I am on holiday with the fam (mum, dad, Scarlett, Ollie-her boyfriend and Chay) 

We are in Derbyshire… Well in Matlock. We are staying in a log cabin on a holiday park 🙂 it’s super pretty!

I wanted to share with you want we did yesterday which was Tuesday! 

We went to The heights of Abraham 

This is a park… You ride on a a cable car to the top of the hills. The park is situated up there. 

Now if you don’t know I am terrified of heights (Once I got too scared on a plane and peed!) Anyway! The cable car journey only takes 5-10 mins but it was ok but only because of the amazing views!

  These are the cable cars! Very high up! 

Now despite the look of the clouds… It is a beautiful views! This is a very hilly day out so if you aren’t great with lots of stairs/hills/slows you may need to take it very slow! You get a tour around a mine which is very dark/cold and steep! It was a good tour and everyone enjoyed it but that is something else that terrifies me! So it was pleasant I guess! 

Oh by the way I am sat writing this next to a river while the rest of the family are on a little boat… 

It’s actually hilarious! Ollie is rowing..well trying to! 

Hope you all are having a good week! 

Tell me about the times you have done something you are terrified of but you end up doing and semi enjoying it! 

Love Amber 


Younique Mineral Touch Foundation Review 

I have decided to share with you how this foundation turned out… Everyone claims that this foundation is amazing and a full coverage. I realised after looking through some reviews that the women who tried it had even skin tones where as mine isn’t… 

As you can see my skin tone has pinks, purples, and red. I have found a few foundations that really work but this one in not sure on. 
This is after applying the foundation like it instructs you to, 

As you can see the redness is still very visible and it hasn’t covered the purple times under my eyes, I’m slightly disappointed with this as it has clung to every pore/hair and it really isn’t great. 
Considering it costs £30 I expected a fantastic cover and  flawless looking skin like people have claimed. 

I fully understand that it works fantastically for some people but if you need more coverage like I do then maybe this isn’t for you… 

But I will share the foundation that I use all the time!! It is the LOreal infallible foundation this cost me around £7 and it is amazing 

Of course this foundation might not work for you but it’s under £10. 

Let me know if you have tried the Younique foundation and how you got on with it! 

Amber ❤

SuperDrug Brush Cleaner 

It’s been a while, I wanted to share with you something that in my mind is fantastic! 

If you are like me then you will put off cleaning your make up brushes, it’s gross but we all do it. All the make up experts and magazines always talk about it, because of bacteria. 

Well last week while I was visiting my sister at her Uni, we popped into Superdrug and stumbled across this product….  

It is superdrugs own brand, and it is a make up brushes cleaner and sanitizer. In the box it comes with a muslin cloth, and some very simple instructions. 
All you do is lay out your cloth and spray your brush a few times and then swirl your brush around on the cloth until it is clean. 

Now just to let you know, this cloth had already been used and put through the washing machine hence why it’s all crinkled up. 


  • Easy and straightforward 
  • No sitting in the bathroom at the sink. 
  • Doesn’t damage the brushes 
  • Gets rid of bacteria 


  • Can be messy, as it goes through the cloth
  • The cloth isn’t large enough for all of my brushes 
  • Smells like chemicals 

Overall I really like this product, it cost £4, which I think is good value. 

I’m sure there are alternative ways, which I would love to hear about. So please share your ways, 🙂 

Love Amber 

Make Up Review

Hello! I wanted to share a make up product with you, as I am completely in love with it! I purchased this maybe 6 months ago, and I have been using it every day since!

It is the Revolution Eye shadow Palette!

This is my go to palette, I have used every colour on here. They are super easy to blend! Glittery and matte shades.
This was very reasonably priced, I think it was around £4! Which is amazing for something so pigmented and long lasting!

 Just a little swatch for you to see the pigment!
These are very pink toned, but they work really well when you use a light and dark together! They last all day, and don’t fade/crease.

I would really recommend this! I will be buying another one in a different colour.

Love Amber

Peanut Butter Brownie

So I have recently picked up the ‘baking bug again’. Some of you know that every so often I pick it all back up and get a little bit obsessed! So this is a very yummy recipe, I have made changes So I will tell you those as I go! 🙂




  • 225g Crunchy peanut butter (I changed this to 112g peanut butter, and 112g unsalted butter)
  • 200g chocolate (I used milk chocolate)
  • 280g Light brown sugar
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 100g Self raising flour


  • Preheat the oven fan 160 Celsius/ Gas 4. Line a 20cm square baking tin with parchment. (I greased mine with butter instead)
  • Gently melt the peanut butter, sugar, chocolate, (and Butter) Stir occasionally until the sugar has nearly melted.
  • Turn off the heat and use a wooden spoon to beat the eggs in one by one, Stir in the flour and pour into the tin.
  • Bake for 30-35 minutes, until it has a crust.
  • Leave to cool before cutting.

This recipe is super easy and originally came from the BBC Good Food website, but I have made a few changes.

I really hope you enjoy this recipe, Chay and I have a lot of fun making them, and eating a few!

Love Amber



Salt of the Earth, Natural Deodorant…

As you can see, I have decided to review a few products every now and then! Just to share my favourite things with you! 

So today I want to let you all know about this deodorant that I stumbled across whilst searching on the app ‘think dirty’. This app is full of product reviews that tell you if your shampoo/moisturiser etc, are carcinogenic and how toxic they are. I’m obsessed with this app! 

Anyway, the deodorant brand is called ‘Salt of the Earth’ and I picked up the travel size deodorant because It can be a little pricey! 


  This this isn’t very big but after using it for a week I have realised that is is by far my favourite! 


  • No parabens, 
  • No Aluminium Chlorohydrate
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Neutral smell


  • Pricey, this cost £3.99
  • Applies to wet/damp skin

Overall I really like this product 🙂 

I would recommend this to everyone, even if you aren’t vegan, as I’m not. I felt that this was a safer/natural alternative to normal antiperspirant! 

Love Amber 


    Things I learnt From Being in a Relationship with a Bushcraft/Survival Enthusiast 

    Just a few little things that I have picked up whilst being in a relationship with a bushcraft/survivalist! – Some of these may not be useful if you live out of the U.K. 🙂

    Duct Tape Uses

    1. Holding plasters on the back of your foot! If you’re like me, then you buy new shoes and they rub. Plasters don’t stay, try duct tape over them. 

    2. Removing malting hair/fluff from your clothing!

    3. Repearing anything quickly.

    4. Customising notebooks (you buy it in pretty colours)

    5. Curtain ties… Yes I did say that. I needed a quick way to hold my curtain back while cleaning, duct tape is fab! 

    6. You can make a boat if you have enough! 

    Food and drink

    1. Don’t drink water from the ground.

    2. Make something to catch water in so that it’s as clean as possible.

    3.  Don’t be like Bear Grylis and eat raw meat. 

    4. Boil water to purify, let it cool down, then drink.

    5. Don’t eat plants/berries that come from trees with milky sap!

    6. If you need to use a stick as a cooking tool, lightly touch it on your tongue to make sure it not poisonous – if it’s bitter don’t use it.

    First aid

    1. You could use super glue to close up clean wounds. (Only in extreme environments)

    2. Willow bark can be used as a natural painkiller.

    3. You could use a cobweb to heal a large grazed area of skin. 


    1.  Make a bow drill 😉

    2. Never make a fire inside a cave because it could heat up the roof of the cave and it could possibly collapse. 

    3. Pine wood burns well.



    1. A sharp knife is a safe knife.

    2. Keep it clean and dry. 

    3. A knife isn’t a penis… So don’t be waving it around 😉

    These are just a few things I have learnt… Yes some are silly but they are still useful to know 🙂 

     Lots of love 

    Amber – The future survivalist of the Zombie apocalypse 🙂 

    Weight loss/healthy eating journey! 1 month in…

    I wanted to update you with how I’m getting on with changing my lifestyle to  healthy, and active. A few of you may know that I decided to lose weight because I didn’t feel I was healthy, running upstairs was hard work, long distance walking would become super tiring. My clothes weren’t fitting anymore. It was just spiralling and I was getting bigger.  

     This was the photo that concerned me the most! In this photo I was a size 22/24 I weighed 17st… Possibly more! 

    I was not happy that holiday because I felt awful, clothes were too small, I didn’t want to show my arms or legs. 

    **I am not saying that when you get to this size you need to lose weight but for me I did. I was concerned about my health. That being said, it doesn’t mean I’m saying if you are that size, then you are over weight. Everyone’s bodies are different and you should listen to your own**

    Anyway, I have been eating healthy foods, smaller portions. Still sometimes having McDonald’s and take aways. Just less of them. More exercise, I have been walking more, using the rowing machine, using the bike. Doing work outs using weights, working on my legs and tummy. 

    I have been trying a lot of things! This is me now after 1 month and after losing 1stone,  


      My top and jeans are both a size 18, sometimes I have to buy a 20 but I feel like it is a massive change! 
    Sometimes I do get stuck in a rut and want to just eat, and sometimes I do. I can’t just restrict myself. 

    I would love to know if you are changing your lifestyle, or being more active! 🙂 


    Amber ❤

    Book Review: Girl,Missing. By Sophie McKenzie

       This is the first book review I have done on here, So here we go…

    ‘Girl,Missing’ is about a girl who has been adopted as a baby and its curious about her past. So she tries to find out and it ends up not going to plan! 

    I honestly couldn’t put this down, I finished it within a week. It was excited, thrilling, the story line is really good! At first I thought I would be too old to read it because you are hearing from a teenage girls perspective so I wasn’t completely sure. Although once I had finished the first chapter I realised that it wasn’t just for teenagers. I truly enjoyed this book! Completely zoning out from the real world while reading it. 

    I recommend this book to anyone wanting to get sucked into a book! 

    Off I go to start my next book on my list! 

    Love Amber 

    Bitten by the Crafting Bug! 

    So as some of you may know I have set up a Facebook page called ‘Ambers Felt Gifts’. Well recently I haven’t really got into it. Until a couple of days ago! I have been drawing/designing templates, cutting out felt, seeing! I am really loving it again! 

    See it’s just about small changes! 

    If you would like to head over to my Facebook page and have a look it’s

    I am updating it with new designs and new ideas, as I can’t stop crafting! 

    Oh before I forget I will be posting a video on YouTube soon, So keep your eyes open for that!  

    Love Amber! x